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Environmental Planning & Permitting

Our interdisciplinary team of environmental professionals supports a wide range of environmental planning and assessment services.  We help clients get it right the first time—whether they are developing environmental policies and regulations for their organization, planning a project and need help complying with environmental requirements, or are seeking to incorporate sustainable practices into new and existing operations.

Our specialized team of engineers and scientists has experience and formal training in such areas as environmental law, environmental impact analysis, GIS development and spatial analysis, air and water quality modeling, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and Low Impact Development (LID).  

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning:

A predevelopment plan from GE&R allows a client to assess current development objectives and design a project that will best meet the development needs while also working most efficiently within the governmental regulatory channels.

  • Environmental Impact Site Analysis
  • Environmental Land Development Planning
  • Predevelopment Permitting Analysis and Assessment
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Wetland Identification and Delineation
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • Environmental Policy Management
  • Endangered Species Assessments

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GE&R’s environmental permitting and compliance team includes experts with substantial governmental regulatory experience.  This arsenal of talent adds a formidable advantage for clients facing environmental permitting or compliance challenges at the, local, state and federal levels.

While we can address regulatory problems at any phase, early entry into the process allows us to provide planning focus and problem prevention to yield faster and more satisfactory results for our clients.  GE&R’s experience in negotiating the best possible conditions for your permit will save you money.

  • Air Quality Permits
  • Water Quality Permits
  • Wastewater Permits
  • Land Resource Permits
  • Pesticide Permits
  • Stormwater Permits
  • Hazardous Waste Permits
  • Local Permits
  • Federal State Permitting
  • Environmental Permits
  • Aquatic Resource Permits
  • Water Resource Permits
  • Toxic Substance Permits
  • Wetland Permits
  • Livestock Permits
  • Historic Preservation Permits
  • Waste Discharge Permits

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