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Local, State, and Federal agencies have little patience for permit violations associated with remedial systems and have no qualms with slapping fines for non-compliance without warnings.  Sometimes it may be the luck of the draw as to when an inspector may perform their random site visits and if your system is not running or out of compliance it will cost you money.

The Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment (GE&R) O&M Team was initially developed to provide turnkey engineering construction and associated operation, monitoring and maintenance services.  Our O&M Team is committed to ensuring that you receive the best service in the industry and that you never receive non-compliance related violations-we will guarantee it. Should you receive such a violation while under contract for GE&R’s Operations & Maintenance Services, GE&R will pay your fine.  No excuses!


Operation & Maintenance (O&M):

GE&R personnel have conducted multiple system installations and provide the following services for our clients:

  • System and Housing Fabrication
  • System Transportation and Setup
  • Trenching/Piping
  • Recovery Well and Housing Installation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction Point Installation
  • Sparge Point Installation
  • On-site System Housing Construction
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Plumbing/Wiring


GE&R field engineering and technicians have operated and maintained remedial treatment systems throughout the US.  We conducted routine and emergency inspections and maintenance service for all our remedial projects to ensure the system remains in operation and within permit requirements.  We use state-of-the-art technology  to monitor system operation and discharges so that you stay in compliance with permits.  For example, on many of our sites, we employ on-site Telemetry equipment to allow 24-hour monitoring of system.

Should equipment failures occur, GE&R’s technicians are dispatched within hours to make appropriate equipment correction, replacements, or repairs.

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