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State and Federal air quality regulations are complex and staying on top and in compliance with existing and ever-changing requirements is challenging. In these tough economic times, identifying cost-effective ways to minimize regulatory compliance costs is a top priority.

Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment (GE&R) offers a complete range of air pollution control services — from estimating the emissions from a single batch reactor change to planning, permitting, design and implementation of systems that meet regulatory requirements cost-effectively without adverse impacts. Let GE&R’s savvy experts take the burden of compliance away and save you money.

Air Quality

Air Quality:

GE&R maintains Air Quality Experts committed to the air quality/air pollution control service area.  GE&R has a proven track record of helping clients understand air quality regulations, secure construction and operating permits, and maintain compliance with monitoring, record-keeping, and reporting requirements.

GE&R engineers and scientists employ state-of-the-art modeling or environmental impact analysis, facility design, and odor evaluations, to determine the compliance status of facilities for siting studies, permit applications, and human health risk assessments.

Our engineers and scientists can assist you in the following areas:

  • Ambient Air Testing/Monitoring
  • Compliance Audits
  • Green House Gas (GHG) Assessments
  • Toxic Gas Release Modeling
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Start-up, Shutdown, & Malfunction Plans (SSMP)
  • New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
  • Maximum/LowestAchievable Control Technology Standards (MACT &LAER)
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Emission Inventories
  • Emission Banking & Trading
  • GHG Reduction Alternatives
  • Source Contribution Reviews
  • Ventilation System Design
  • Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Documentation
  • Best Available Control Technology (BACT)
  • Operation & Maintenance Plans (O&M)


Whether constructing a new industrial facility, expanding an existing facility, or modifying operations, owners and operators may be subject to air quality permitting requirements.  Industrial sources must be designed, constructed, and operated to comply with all applicable air quality regulations.  Air quality regulations exist within a range of permitting programs and each  program has associated technical requirements such as emissions quantification, control technology evaluations, air quality analyses (including regulatory dispersion modeling), ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring, and compliance assurance.

GE&R Air Quality Experts can assist with all phases of the air permitting process.  Our experience translates into accurate, timely, permit applications that are strategically crafted for maximum flexibility, and expert negotiations with regulatory agencies that streamline the process.

  • New Source Review (NSR) Permits
  • Non-Attainment NSR Permits
  • Title V Operation Permits
  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits
  • Standard Exemptions-Permit by Rule
  • Minor NSR Pre-Construction Permits
  • Source Modification Permits
  • Operation & Construction Permits
  • Acid Rain Permits
  • Landfill Gas-to Energy Permits
  • Permits Amendments & Renewals