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Through the Total Liability Exit Strategy™ (TLXS) Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment (GE&R) offers unique solutions to transfer your environmental liability and stabilize your bottom line.  TLXS provides protection against the headache of the financial and regulatory uncertainty associated with environmentally impaired properties, especially in the face of post-Sarbanes-Oxley environmental disclosure and accounting requirements.

With the TLXS program, GE&R assumes complete liability for your site—both contractual and statutory—and provides you with a sound exit strategy. We indemnify you without limitation; you will not face litigation or additional cleanup costs for that site again.

Our primary objective is to “remove your liabilities and add value to your asset”.











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Total Liability Exit Strategy™ (TLXS)

At GE&R, we understand the challenges that you face when acquiring, divesting, developing, or selling environmentally impaired real estate.  Dealing with environmental liability is like opening Pandora’s box.  These legacy liabilities change balance sheets and inhibit growth potential.  With GE&R on your team you can transform that liability into an asset and stabilize your balance sheet today.

GE&R‘s nationally recognized Total Liability Exit Strategy™ (TLXS) provides the ability of a company or property owner to transfer  risk, responsibility, and burden associated with environmental liability in such a manner as to eliminate the reserve for contingency that is carried on its balance sheet.  TLXS weaves a variety of risk management tools together to meet your unique risk transfer needs.  Some of these tools include:

  • Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation Coverage
  • Cleanup Cost Cap or Remediation Stop-Loss Insurance
  • Pollution Legal Liability Policies
  • Blended Finite Risk/Risk Transfer Products
  • Contractual Liability Buy Out Programs
  • Secure Creditor Impaired Property Policies

For companies that are proactive in managing their legacy liabilities, GE&R provides tailored exit strategies such as a structured risk transfer that includes corporate indemnification and, if applicable, direct assumption of any compliance requirements of regulatory agencies.   When your environmental liabilities are transferred to GE&R, you eliminate the financial uncertainty associated with managing those liabilities.  You no longer have to worry about complying with local, state, and federal agencies and the increasing enforcement of a myriad of environmental regulations that seems to grow by the year.

Whether you have a single-site or multi-site portfolio divestiture, GE&R provides the following services that allow you to exit from your liability:

  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Quantification of your company’s potential & highly variable environmental liability
  • Fixed Cost Remediation/Clean-up Cost Cap
  • Liability Transfer/Buyout
  • Strategic consulting for underwriting environmental insurance programs
  • Risk financing optimization and decision analysis
  • Corporate Best Practices Reviews


GE&R’s TLXS program offer a unique suite of integrated tools that:

  • Reduces Enormous Amounts of Risk Uncertainty Including:
    • Site Investigations & Cleanup Costs
    • Unpredictable Regulatory Actions & Re-Openers
    • Historical Contamination Legacies
    • Owner/Developer & Third Party Liabilities
    • Difficulty Identify Budget Securing Financing
  • Releases Responsibility for Environmental Liability
  • Improves Your Balance Sheet
  • Improves Shareholder Value
  • Improves Corporate Image and Focus
  • Facilitates Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
  • Brings focus and efficiency to a typically lengthy and cumbersome process

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