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Transforming your legacy environmental liabilities into back into an asset has always been a challenge. In this economy, financial resources are scarce and budgets for environmental cleanups have been cut, leaving legacy liabilities for another day.

Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment, LLC (GE&R) has assembled a team of nationally recognized experts who are savvy at developing and implanting strategies to transform your real estate liability back into an asset.


Historical Insurance

One of the most overlooked and underutilized resources for addressing the costs associated with environmental impacts are historic insurance policies. And although not widely known, general liability policies can often fund the removal of your environmental liabilities.

GE&R’s team of Real Estate professional and strategic partners includes Insurance Archeologist and Insurance Coverage Attorneys that have secured hundreds of millions of dollars of insurance assets both private and public sector clients.  With so much at stake, don’t trust this funding avenue with just anyone.  Contact the national renown experts at GE&R today.

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Potential Responsible Parties (PRPs):

Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) are individuals, companies, or any other parties that are potentially liable for contribution to cleanup costs associated with environmental impacts.  With decades of collective experience conducting contributing source investigations (CSI), GE&R’s professionals will identify PRPs and work with your legal staff to compel PRPs to contribute to cleanup costs.

If your legal representation does not have the experience you need to obtain the greatest allocation from a PRPs, contact GE&R today so that we can put you in touch with national recognized insurance coverage counsel.

Some of GE&R’s PRP services include:

  • Contributing Source Investigations
  • Phase I ESAs
  • Environmental Liability Quantification


  • Cost Allocation Determinations
  • Environmental Investigations

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Grants & Private Equity Funds:

GE&R’s Real Estate professionals have been extremely successful at obtaining grants for environmental cleanup from State and Federal agencies.  With well establish relationships you can count on GE&R to identify and successfully obtain all available grants for your project.

  • Environmental Assessment Grants
  • Brownfield’s Tax Incentives, Loans, & Redevelopment Grants
  • Cleanup Grants
  • EPA & Local Revolving Loan Funds
  • Brownfields Training, Research, & Technical Assistance Grants
  • Tax Payer Relief Act Funding
  • Community Development Block Grants & Low Interest Loans
  • Development Bridge Loans


In addition to our sister Company, Kiwanja Redevelopment Fund, LLC, GE&R has a vast network of private investors interested in pre-development remedial costs.  Call us today to get started with your funding shortfalls.

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