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Over the years, Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment, LLC (GE&R) Litigation Support Professionals have assisted legal teams, regulatory agencies, and insurance companies identify thousands of other Potential Responsible Parties (PRP) through extensive Contributing Source Investigations (CSIs).   As pioneers and industry leaders in performing CSIs, GE&R has identified PRPs who have been compelled to contribute tens of millions of dollars toward offsetting our client’s environmental liabilities.

If you are truly interested in locating other PRPs that have contributed to your or your client’s environmental liability, contact GE&R today.


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Our Results

The GE&R litigation support team is composed of seasoned professionals that concentrate on performing Contributing Source Investigations (CSIs).  Through the years we have developed unique strategies in identifying other Responsible Parties (RPs) and subsequently developing evidence to support a case to compel contribution to offset our environmental liabilities or in many cases completely fund the evaluation and cleanup of a contaminated site.

Because our litigation support experts have spent decades in refining our CSI methodologies, we are able to produced cost effective and timely results that make us an industry leader in the identification and forensic evaluation of responsible parties that have contributed to a plume of contamination.  As seasoned professionals and litigation support experts our research is extensive and extremely well documented.

Contact GE&R today to find out how we can assist you with identifying responsible parties.

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