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Risk Assessment

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Effective Risk Assessments can shave tens of thousands of dollars off small scale projects and millions of dollars off of larger more complex sites. Headed up by a team of doctorate toxicologists and chemists, the Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment (GE&R) Risk Assessment Division is committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Toxicology practice that focuses on providing the appropriate level of analysis to solve our clients’ problems, and transform technical information into practical solutions that save you money.

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Risk Assessment (Human Health & Ecological)

GE&R Risk Assessment professionals perform and use human health and ecological risk assessment services as tools to identify the most appropriate approaches to remediate sites impacted by soil and groundwater contamination.   We utilize cutting edge statistical approaches to estimating the realistic risks associated with regulated and emerging contaminants and implement more rigorous methods when the regulatory risk assessment approaches are inappropriate or inadequate.

Teaming with our multidisciplinary team of remediation experts, GE&R’s risk assessment specialists work together to develop site-specific risk based site corrective action and closure solutions that achieve liability protection while reducing overall project costs.

We construct models based first on principles of science and engineering, support them by experimental data, and then address uncertainties. Our assessments are guided by local concerns, guidelines, policies, and precedents.  If required, we employ probabilistic methods such as Monte Carlo simulations to quantify  uncertainties and to characterize risk more completely.

GE&R team of experts are  experienced in providing risk assessment services under the CERCLA, RCRA, and US EPA’s Section 112(r) Risk Management Program, as well as under numerous State  protocols.

GE&R offers complete services for human health and ecological risk assessments including:

Human Health Risk Analysis

  • Improves Corporate Image and Focus
  • CERCLA risk assessment
  • Screening levels/streamlined risk assessments
  • Conceptual model development
  • Toxicological evaluations
  • Statistical support
  • Indoor air vapor intrusion evaluations
  • Site-specific remediation goal development


Ecological Risk Analysis

  • Site-specific remediation goal development
  • Threatened and endangered species
  • Bioaccumulation
  • Toxicity reference values for wildlife
  • Watershed analysis
  • Stressor identification

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