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Due Diligence (Phase I – III Environmental Site Assessments)

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Due Diligence (Phase I - III Environmental Site Assessments)
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During Due Diligence for a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or divestiture, where time is of the essence and setbacks can cause concern, strong pre-planning and assembly of the proper environmental disclosures will expedite your road to closure.

To understand the true costs, decision-makers must be able to quickly identify risk factors, quantify liability, identify and assess approaches to manage and restructure liabilities, and effectively communicate findings to stakeholders.  Because such projects are usually fast-paced and multi-faceted, integrating environmental policies into an existing business infrastructure can be a challenging balancing act, which requires the right team of experts.











Due Diligence:

GE&R’s Due Diligence Team is able to mobilize quickly and cost effectively to carry out multi-property, multi-location or single property assessments anywhere in the World.  Our due diligence services are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs and designed to provide our U.S. and international clients with a timely and cost effective auditing and reporting system that links assessment of building components and environmental issues to realistic costs and timelines for repairs, replacement, and remediation so that a risk based proforma can be developed for net cash flow that includes allowance for recapitalization expenses.

GE&R team of professionals advises clients concerning the exposure of environmental regulations, risk, and liabilities on all types real estate matters.  We work in partnership with you to understand such risks and liabilities as site environmental conditions, process safety and health issues, equipment conditions, and a facility’s emergency response capabilities and provide strategic advice, and assist with the resolution of environmental issues arising in real estate and asset transactions.

Whether as part of a merger or acquisition, a commercial or industrial development, plant closure or sale, property repositioning for redevelopment or sale related to cleanup, or pre-financial support, the GE&R Due Diligence Team has the experience, understanding, and know-how to weave you through potential pitfalls to help your project to a successful closure.

Recognizing that a property with unidentified potential liabilities may be subject to reduced value our experts provides early recognition of a deal’s potential liabilities and assets to aid our client’s negotiating teams in reaching early consensus.  Early transparency reduces last minute surprises and provides you with timely and accurate information so that you can negotiate the best possible deal while limiting environmental risk and exposure.


In order to meet the clients’ project needs, GE&R offers the following services:

  • Transaction Screens
  • Phase I-Phase III Environmental Site Assessment
  • All Appropriate Inquiry
  • Property Screening Evaluation (PSE): A PSE is intended as a general overview of the property for significant risks.
  • Basic Property Condition Assessments (BPCA): A BPCA is an overall assessment of the property by a team of multi-discipline professionals.
  • Detailed Property Condition Assessments (DPCA): A DPCA is an expansion of a PSE and involves a more detailed site evaluation. Results of this type of assessment can be used as the basis for establishing a building maintenance program.
  • Business Divestiture Strategy Development
  • Development of Seller’s Disclosure and Offering Memorandum
  • Risk Review and Management Assessment
  • Establishment of a Structured Data Room
  • Development of Preliminary Liability Cost Estimates
  • Negotiation of Environmental Agreement (Reps/Warranties, Indemnities, Schedules)

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