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GE&R’s Litigation Support Professionals possess the crucial ability to quickly and thoroughly review and assimilate large quantities of data, identify deficiencies in the available information and develop effective approaches to either fill or utilize the gaps from a litigation standpoint.  Based on available data and our professional experience, we help structure and organize technical data that appropriately support defensible conclusions that can be clearly understood by all involved in litigation processes.

Our job as technical experts is not simply to collect, present, and interpret data.  Our job is often to make difficult subjects and concepts more understandable. We accomplish this not simply by establishing expertise, but by simplifying the data, as appropriate.  We also prepare and utilize state-of-the-art illustrations, graphics, and other technical renderings so that complex issues may be more easily understood.


Our Results

The GE&R litigation support team is composed of seasoned professionals that concentrate on performing Contributing Source Investigations (CSIs).  Through the years we have developed unique strategies in identifying other Responsible Parties (RPs) and subsequently developing evidence to support a case to compel contribution to offset environmental liabilities or in many cases completely fund the evaluation and cleanup of a contaminated site.

Our litigation support services include (but are not limited to):

  • Third party review of reports, assessments, and invoices
  • Soil, groundwater, surface water, and soil gas sampling and analysis
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Historical land use and ownership evaluations
  • Causation and liability analysis
  • Private investigations, including contributing source and PRP investigations
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting
  • Chemical fingerprinting, profiling, and age dating
  • Photogrammetry and preparation of courtroom exhibits
  • Developing technical strategies in cooperation with the client and legal counsel
  • Document Database Development

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