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Environmental  Site Assessment (ESA)/Characterization

Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment (GE&R) provides Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) / Characterizations for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial properties within both public and private sectors.  Our services range from Property Evaluations (Transaction Screens) to full Phase I ESAs that are in compliance with American Society for Testing and Materials standards (ASTM Standard E 1527-05) to Phase II ESA and Site Characterization activities.

Our  Phase I ESAs can be customized to be more effective in assessing true business risk.  For example, Phase I extended services can be customized to include any number of additional features, and are not limited to asbestos sampling, waste profiling, commercial property inspection, and limited subsurface sampling

GE&R’s team of interdisciplinary professionals have conducted hundreds environmental due-diligence and site characterization projects worldwide for clients ranging from large multinational corporations and financial institutions to local community banks and developers.  


Transaction Screen Analysis

Transaction Screen Analysis:

GE&R‘s Transaction Screen Analysis is a quick, low cost method of identifying potential environmental concerns related to a property.  Performed to ASTM 1528-06 standard, the Transaction Screen is typically used on properties where the history is known and no CERCLA liability is suspected. It does NOT meet the criteria for ” all appropriate inquiry” and therefore provides no landowner liability protections under CERCLA.

The identification of potential environmental concerns  during the Transaction Screen typically results in a full Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).

(Time-To-Complete: 1 Week)

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Two women shake hands, real estate "sold" board behind is blurred so as to be unreadable.

Phase I ESA:

GE&R’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is prepared for a parcel of real estate to identify potential or existing environmental liabilities.  Adhering to ASTM Standard E2527-05, GE&R’s professionals design each Phase I ESA scope of work to cater specifically to the level of due diligence necessary to fit the type of property being assessed and to fit our clients’ needs.

Our  Phase I ESAs meet the criteria for “all appropriate inquiry” and therefore provides landowner liability protections under CERCLA.

(Time-To-Complete: 3 Weeks)

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Two women shake hands, real estate "sold" board behind is blurred so as to be unreadable.

Phase II ESA/Site Characterization:

GE&R’s Phase II ESA or “Site Characterization” activities consist of an intrusive investigation and assessment of a property’s surface and subsurface media where soil, soil vapor, indoor air, or groundwater samples are collected to determine the existence of environmental impacts. These may include sections within a Brownfields, the entire property itself and/or physical pathways to human exposure as well as off-site migration. A Phase II ESA investigates and confirms the environmental condition of the ‘Areas of Concern’ identified through the Phase I ESA and determines the site characteristics (chemicals, contamination

(Time-To-Complete: 4-6 Weeks)

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