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Starting with NSED and continuing with GE&R, we have focused on providing both public and private sector clients with the highest quality service at economical prices. At GE&R you get the benefits of a large multinational firm but with smaller firm prices that include a greater attention to customer service.

GE&R’s clients include a wide range of public entities, private companies, and private landowners. GE&R maintains long-term positive working relationships with regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local levels which ensure timely, high-quality communication and results with more rapid response times and reduced costs to our clients.

Private Sector:

GE&R understands business and understands that although most businesses place a great deal of interest in protecting the environment and staying in compliance with environmental regulations, in tough economic times, sound strategies are required to accomplish such goals while ensuring your business remains profitable and your employees remain employed.  We call this sustainable business management and we strive to ensure the most economical approach to compliance and corporate greening is developed to meet your specific business requirements.

When GE&R is added to your team, you can be assured that your company’s best interest become an integral element of any compliance solution that we develop.  Our senior managers have a strong commitment to client advocacy

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Public Sector:

Whether a municipal, state, or federal organization, GE&R recognizes that as stewards of public funds, in an increasingly tight budgetary environment, managers need to stretch limited resources as far as possible while complying with a more-stringent regulatory environment. The days of paying the high consulting fees from large firms with high overhead costs are going by the wayside, and being replaced by leaner more cost effective firms like GE&R where superior customer service is provided as significantly lower costs.

GE&R takes a comprehensive approach to helping municipal and state agencies serve the public — whether the mission is to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, treat or dispose of wastes, assess and remediate contaminated soil or groundwater, redevelop contaminated sites, or comply with OSHA and other regulatory compliance requirements.

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