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Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment

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Providing Innovative Cost Effective Strategies for Redeveloping Brownfields throughout the United States

Specializing in the Redevelopment of Brownfields, Genesis Engineering & Redevelopment (GE&R) is on the cutting edge of reuse and development of contaminated properties. GE&R provides one-stop, turnkey Brownfields services to public and private sector clients.  Services range from project planning to identifying funding sources for acquisition and/or removal of environmental liabilities through the design/implementation of the remedial program and program management of the final redevelopment plan.

Nationally recognized, GE&R’s team of Brownfields specialists work as an integrated member of our client’s Brownfields redevelopment team to promote sustainable economic activity through the conversion of environmentally impacted properties to uses that meet stakeholder objectives for environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. Keeping our clients objectives in the forefront, we focus our efforts on bringing the best available technologies in risk identification and mitigation, and related environmental and geotechnical engineering solutions, to redevelopment challenges.



A wide variety of grants, loans, and tax incentives are available to facilitate redevelopment.  GE&R’s services include the analysis of funding alternatives and managing the process to secure available financial incentives for Brownfield Redevelopment projects.

Since GE&R is affiliated with the Kiwanja Redevelopment Fund, a large private equity fund, properties with particular characteristics may be considered by GE&R and/or Kiwanja for acquisition or for senior or subordinate financing.

Our Practice:

GE&R’s Brownfields redevelopment practice is centered around creating site-specific solutions that take advantage of our expertise in risk assessment, in situ groundwater remediation, soil vapor mitigation, geotechnical and environmental engineering, and environmental management.

GE&R works with property owners, municipalities, local agencies, developers, bankers, insurance providers, and other stakeholders to realize the potential economic and social value of their properties. Our team of experts provides solutions for the array of environmental issues associated with each step of the Brownfields redevelopment process – from property acquisition and site evaluation through design and construction.

  • For clients considering participation in government-sponsored Brownfields programs, our specialists can assist with grant application preparation and financial analyses.
  • During the acquisition phase, GE&R’s environmental management specialists provide due diligence services applying Phase I environmental site assessment services to quantify and clarify environmental liabilities.
  • Our Brownfields team includes a team of toxicologists and risk assessment specialists who create site development strategies based on the end-use to address identified environmental liabilities. These strategies often incorporate cost-effective engineering controls into the final development plan thereby removing more expensive traditional cleanup options.
  • During the construction phase, our in-house construction management/quality assurance personnel are often brought in to ensure that the protective designs developed by the team are implemented correctly and are fully functional when the development is completed.